This Crazy World We Live in Today

I’m not really sure how to start this blog. i know what I want to talk about but it’s really hard to write something to simply just catch the reader’s attention, you know? It’s like, I want to say something intelligent to try to get you guys to think I’m smart but I could be completely bullshitting.

Here’s what I really want to get into today. Lately a lot of crazy things have been happening. The Baltimore riots and other kids in the U.S. acting like wild animals: there was this kid I read about who tried to kill his mom cause she took his iPhone, what kind of world do we live in where that happens? A lot of people I hear saying “Oh today’s generation doesn’t know how to behave, they’re always on their phones and on Twitter, Instagram, etc.” It’s bad, I know but what can we do? I think of the movie “No Country for Old Men” because they talk about how the past officers who were the best at their job would handle today’s criminals that show no remorse for anything they do.

It’s hard to maintain a positive outlook on life when all this fucked up shit is happening. It’s very rare whenever you see someone do a kind act or just meet someone who is polite or even holds a door open for you. But then when you do meet someone like that, isn’t it just magical? It’s like we’re this new kid in school and someone knocks our books out of our hands and everyone walking by either laughs or steps on your books with each passing step and then someone comes in front of you, kneels down and begins to help you pick up your books and you realize that you are no longer alone. Little things like that make big differences and no one really notices these things until you actually point it out (but you don’t wanna do that, cause it would ruin the moment)

As humans it would behoove us to come together as one, and sometimes we do with little things such as trying new foods, learning about other cultures, laughing together and it’s great, if we can continue this, world peace would be inevitable. If we all were a little bit more humble and patient to one another, there would be no such thing as “Road Rage” and those people that are like “Don’t Talk to Me Until I’ve had my Coffee” ¬†would no longer exist because everyone would be nice to one another. If a conflict occurred, they’d talk it out and laugh about it afterwards. It’s simple but the problem is, it can’t happen.

We can’t just live in peace. As humans we’re prone to accidents and craze conflict, otherwise life would be boring. Why else do you think people watch reality shows? Cause they’re interesting? No, cause people fight and cry. If everything was easy and simple, no one would strive for greatness. It’s fucked up to say, but the world needs suffering in order to survive and for us to be humble as people. I say this only because this is the world I live in. N.W.A. didn’t write the song “Fuck the Police” cause they were looking for a catchy tune, they were being racially profiled and constantly becoming victims of police brutality. If we want things to change and want there to be actual peace in the world, then the change has got to come from us. But until then, I’ll find solace from the tiniest things and hope that my efforts will make a difference. And the more good that comes from this, the more people who have lost faith in today’s generation can keep their head’s high knowing tomorrow’s generation will be able to make most things, if not everything alright.

-Mr. Writer

Originally Written on the 30th of April, 2015 at 7:26 P.M. 

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