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(Dis)Respecting Our Elders

A couple weeks back, I was at my university’s campus and a few yards away from me (to my left) was a little girl descending the staircase. She grabbed my attention cause I just heard a tiny voice say, “wait for me!” She must have been about 5 years old but had a number of items in her hand. As a result of her extremely small stature, everything in her possession looked much bigger than her. This explained her delay to catch up to the person she was following.

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My Jihad with other Muslims

This is probably something that’s best left in my personal journal but whatever. I could care less at this point. I write this article with a specific scholar in mind but am refraining from using their name because I want to be respectful. Despite this scholar showing disrespect and doing it under the guise of someone whose looking out for…

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Obscuring Testimonies: Review of Thomas Jefferson & Sally Hemings by Annette Gordon-Reed

This is a late post and is pretty irrelevant. It’s just shameless self-promotion of my work as a scholar. This was a reaction paper for my Theories & Methods class I took in the Fall Semester of 2017. My professor praised the paper so much and I think it was also a pretty good start to a successful semester (shukarAllah)…

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