My Reason for Delay and How to Read My Entries

So I haven’t written anything lately and the reason for it is simple. I was too busy. LOL. But in all seriousness, it was a mixture of that and because everything that I wanted to write down, I wanted to make sure I had facts to go along with it and cite sources. To put it in other words, I wanted to know what I was talking about before actually saying something. 

Ever since I noticed people were actually reading my blog and the more I’m learning from my classes over at the Power House (UH “Go Coogs!”) it’s really making me want to think and act like a Historian. Of course, I’m many years away from getting close to becoming one, I believe that you have to take the proper baby-steps in order to achieve a goal. Similar to an aspiring comedian spending countless hours at Open-Mic nights, observing and writing jokes. Or a Ballet Dancer doing whatever the hell it is they do to practice before they get awesome at twirling or whatever. 

The point is, I’d like to start writing blogs the way I would write a Historical Academic Essay. Unfortunately, I’m not completely or half of the way there yet, and I won’t pretend like I am. Nevertheless, I still enjoy writing and do believe that I have a voice and want people to listen to (in this case, read) what I have to say. This voice should not be taken TOO seriously however, not until I’ve made a name for myself. In the meantime, I’m going to use this blog for it’s original purpose: to write (from a stream of consciousness) and sign it under my personal pseudonym (that again, I have taken because of a song by the Welsh Rock Band, Stereophonics)  until I have reached my goal. 

That being said, I’m going to ease the pressure off myself and just write for the sake of writing. But also, do more reading and try the best I can in my classes cause if I don’t achieve that goal, this blog has been for nothing. I will still post essays I write for classes on here from time to time, but will sign them under my real name, not my pseudonym. This way, you can tell the difference and so perspective Universities and other Scholars will see how I work and slowly but surely, my name will be making it’s mark.  Also the essays I will write under my pseudonym won’t be in Bold and everything not from stream of consciousness, will be in Bold print. 

As I write this essay, I feel like I’m being pretentious because I’m essentially predicting my own future. If you feel the same, know that you’re not alone. However, I stand by what I wrote and am standing by everything I plan to write. Because, as cornball as it may sound, I believe in myself. And that seems like something a motivational speaker or whatever would say as the first step into achieving a goal. 

That’s all I have to say for now. A new essay should be coming up shortly.

-Ahmed H. Sharma

(Mr. Writer)

Written on the 4th of November, 2016 at 9:30 A.M.

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