My Breakdown of “Nightscape” by There For Tomorrow

A few years back my cousin Faheem showed me this song called “Hunt Hunt Hunt” by a band called There For Tomorrow. I thought it was the greatest song I had ever heard (that year). Not to say they haven’t made great songs cause I certainly wouldn’t be talking about their recently released EP that I’m honored to have. The thing about this band is (and perhaps a lot of the music I listen to) is not as famous as they should be. The band is actually pretty badass and I don’t know, I’m just being a groupie right now so I’ll stop.

Most songs, like poetry, tell a story. With that said, album is supposed to be the book and each song is supposed to be a chapter for the story. I don’t know a lot of albums that do that and the reason why I think that is either because they’re writing songs just for the hell of it, I haven’t paid close attention, or I didn’t like any of the other songs on the album to take the time to check.

Whatever the reason, I like this EP and when I heard the first song, “Dark Purple Sky”, I knew the EP was going to kick ass. And when I heard the song, “Racing Blood”, I knew I had to have this EP. I waited about 5-6 months for this EP to come out and it was definitely worth the wait; especially since the band hadn’t released any music since 2011 so I’ve gotta cut them some slack. The lead singer even produced it by himself so he worked really hard and did a tremendous job so if you like the review I gave it, the songs will be even better to listen to.

Anyways, here are the songs from the EP and my interpretation of them.

1. “Nightscape”

No lyrics, but more like an experience when riding a bus or driving a car and enjoying view of the night life. Almost like a sweet escape from whatever sadness you feel.

2. “Lady in Black”

Dedicated to a girl on a quest to try to find love, all the while breaking hearts along the way while her life and her youth passes by. It’s too late to try to fix things cause her “love story” is almost over. And when she finally meets “the one” who may or may not be the lead singer because it seems like he’s telling her the error of his ways (and was devastated when the relationship ended) and the “love” she gave was all an act and she’s put on a great show but it’s over now.

3. “Dark Purple Sky”

A vision of seeing the lead singer’s one true love and together they will show the world that true love does exist since nowadays there have been scarce tales of “happily ever after” endings.

5. “Racing Blood”

This song to me had the best lyrics. I felt it was about starting a new relationship and finally being able to let go of any previous grudges from a previous heartbreak. The journey of this relationship will be scary but will be worth it because in the end, everything will be okay.

5. “Breathe Easy”

Falling in love with someone. It’s scary and a lot of people will give you either bullshit advice or tell you how fearful you should be but you are more than ready to take a chance on this new feeling of love for someone and are going to do your best to take it slow so as not to screw things up.

6. “Tomb”

It’s been a while since the lovers in this story have been together and they are going to try to do their best to bring the love for one another (which they once thought was dead) back for one more try.

-Mr. Writer

Originally Written on November 7, 2014 around 1:00 P.M. 

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