Elsa from Frozen Arrested? (Ha-Ha, Very Funny, Motherfu-)

The following entry is going to probably be filled with a lot of coarse language and be very critical of the media. 

So I usually don’t write two blogs in one week (unless I want to) but this time I had to cause this just truly irritated me.Today and yesterday’s weather has been pretty cold and for some reason, as a joke, different News stations thought it’d be funny to make a reference to the movie Frozen. Saying, that “Oh, it’s super cold, so we better hunt down that chick from that Disney movie and tell her to calm the fuck down.” Yeah, I don’t go to the News for comedic headlines unless it’s from Jon Stewart or something so why the hell is every other News Station and their mom making this joke?

Khou (Channel 11 for those that live in Houston)  prides itself on delivering hard and relevant news to its viewers, yet they had an article that’s headline wrote “Elsa from Frozen Arrested” or “Police issuing arrest warrant for Elsa from Frozen” some shit like that. I’m sorry but if you’re a news station that is supposed to be viewed as Credible, I question your intent on that article, yes it’s obviously sardonic, but why the hell would Khou even bother wasting their time with that? The fact that this article is sarcastic still makes me question their credibility on future articles they try to pass because why if a News Station again, prides itself on delivering News that presents relevant  issues and truth to it’s viewers essentially spit on that by trying to make a joke?? It’s bad enough we as people are being told we can’t believe everything we read, this article is living proof.

All seriousness aside, is the headline funny? Sure. But does that mean it’s okay for Khou and USA Today to still publish it? I sure as hell don’t think so. Leave the comedic headlines to the professionals like The Onion. What’s really upsetting is they actually have pictures for the headlines that show a cop arresting a Blonde girl in a blue dress and placing her into a police squad. It’s bad enough they had to make the damn headline, but the fact that they went so far as to try to make it seem real to the reader makes me think, “Fuck the Police and Fuck the Media.”

I love comedy a whole bunch, but there’s a time and place for shit like that and I don’t need a News Station to tell me what some “Frozen” fan will tell me. What’s next, you gonna suggest they should arrest Ronald McDonald cause people don’t know how to just eat at home instead of taking advantage of the Dollar Menu? It doesn’t take a genius to suggest that maybe you as the News should talk about something relevant; you’re the fucking news. Not some stupid 21 year old on his net-book typing bullshit to a small audience.

-Mr. Writer

Written on the 24th of February at 9:53 p.m. 

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