“Democrats are the Communists of America”?

I was at a Barnes and Noble a month ago and I saw some graffiti in the restroom that said either “Democrats are America’s Communists” or “Democrats are the Communists of America”. To be quite honest, I stared at it for a brief moment but not enough to remember exactly what it said word for word, but I digress:

When I think of Democrats and what they want, this comes to mind: “Fairness”, “Strong Government” but “Popular Sovereignty”

When I think of Communists and what they want, this comes to mind: “Equality”, “Strong Leader” and “No Political Dissent”

My overall opinion and conclusion on this theory to whoever wrote it and whomever agrees is that the statement above is false because while both ideologies are similar, the end result is that based on theory, it shows the two to have different outcomes because of Communism’s desire for conformity and democracy wanting “liberty and justice for all”. The problem is that to want Conformity is to bring about Tyranny since no one is allowed to “be themselves” and democracy wants liberty for the majority of people and justice for the minority so let’s face it, no equality is given on either side. And with that said, Communists and Democrats are not the same thing.

-Mr. Writer

Originally written on November 7, 2014 around 12:26 P.M. 

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