Art and Sexism

 I have a huge headache and a bunch of crap on my mind and originally, I was going to write this in the personal journal I have but I type a lot faster than I write with a pen so I figured, I’d suck it up and let you into my world again as my writing persona, Mr.  Writer.

Right now I’d like to talk about the music video, “Elastic Heart” by Sia, which features a young girl and Shia Lebeouf (I think that’s how you spell his name, I don’t care to look it up right now. Sorry, Shia) in what appears to be a birdcage and they are essentially cage fighting in an interpretive dance style. Before I go any further, I’d like to just say that I never listened to any Sia’s songs and I don’t care for interpretive dance, I think it’s stupid cause some of the dancers are too dramatic and I just don’t buy it. With that being said, I was not expecting to see what I saw in that music video. From an amateur Critic’s perspective, I was moved.

And a lot of controversy came after the video was released because they said it was “border-line pedophilia”. It wasn’t. Not at all. They’re just saying it is cause she’s a fucking kid and Shia is a grown man. Now, Sia came out and apologized for those offended because she foresaw people getting worked up about it, but here’s the thing. Art is art. I get that some people won’t like it, and to that I say, “Read my take on the movie ‘The Interview'”. Not many people will get abstract art, because it’s abstract but there are some who still appreciate it. If you’re interested, check it out.

My interpretation on the music video was Shia was portraying a single Father, and the little girl was his daughter. In the beginning of the video she’s attacking him at every angle she can and then he tries to reach out to her by holding his hand out and trying to show his “daughter” love and care but she ends up “biting the hand that feeds her” and finally he’s had enough and tries to be controlling cause he just wants her to listen to him and she ends up escaping the cage and he is stuck and he’s just urging her to listen to him. Finally he’s broke down, and then out of nowhere she comes back into the cage and she remembers that her “father” truly cares for her and just was trying his best. It’s at that moment, she leaves the cage and is trying to get him to come with her but he just can’t, and as much as he tries to, he can’t fit through the iron bars of the cage and eventually he gives up and his eyes start to show that he’s lost hope. Which to me symbolized that as soon as she tried to form a good relationship with her “father”, it was too late. I don’t know, this is just my interpretation, I refuse to watch the “behind-the-scenes” cause I like my own.  Long story short, it was a great piece.

Also my sister had on some show that talks about hollywood inside stories and shit, and a commercial that’s going to air on Superbowl half-time was being discussed which involved a woman walking down the street appearing to have no clothes on in the street and guys are staring at her and long story short, it was for Carl’s Jr. Burger. And one of the hosts of the show (a guy) asked his female co-host, if she felt comfortable with the commercial, she obviously said no and took the side of a lot of other women that tweeted, posted and bitched about how the commercial is sexist. Now, I’m not sure what the hell the commercial is trying to prove, I’m not defending the commercial in anyway. But I don’t see how it’s sexist if the woman in the commercial is consenting to do the commercial. Also, isn’t it also sexist for men? Cause the commercial is trying to portray that men are pigs and since they’re gonna stare at this woman and drool all over her.  And don’t try to say it’s not the same, cause it is. Plus, there are plenty of Carl’s Jr. commercials like that have half naked women modeling for a burger, why weren’t they up in arms for that? What about those Bod fragrance commercials they used to air, it’d have a bunch of ripped guys showing off their abs and a girl’s voice oggling that. It’s a men’s product, but why is it okay for them to just have a bunch of shirtless guys sweating, it doesn’t make me wanna buy that crap. Why can’t it be one of those normal fucking cologne commercials where it’s someone on a beach and it’s all artsy and romantic? Or those Victoria’s Secret commercials, yes it’s a clothing store so they have to show what they’re selling but these are women modeling with their underwear on, you’re telling me you don’t see any similarities between that and the freakin’ Carl Jr.’s Burger commercials?? Get the fuck outta here. Again, I’m just playing devil’s advocate and saying, “It’s a fucking commercial…” If you don’t like it, get DVR and fast-forward through it.  And as for art, if you think it’ll be offensive, then just don’t watch it, but don’t criticize or condemn it cause there’s some people that actually do appreciate it. Like these blogs, if you’ve read them and liked them, I’ll keep on doing it. And if you don’t, well then quit reading my shit. Exit out, and in the words of Richard Pryor to Eddie Murphy who was chewed out by Bill Cosby for being too dirty, “tell Bill to have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up”.

-Mr. Writer

Written on the 22nd of January, 2015 at 10:09 P.M.

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